My fave reality television stars (in no particular order) number 2


Ji Cha

Hell’s Kitchen

I liked Ji pretty much from the start. She was unfortunately not on the show for very long, as she injured herself in the second episode of the fifth season. However she managed to set herself apart from many of the other contestants on that season, being she was a talented cook, and I didn’t see any bitchiness on her side in the edit.

I truly admired her though when she carried on working despite the pain that she evidently was in. She didn’t seem to make any major mistakes, concentrating on the task at hand, rather than her own pain and discomfort.

More than that though, she was the only one that seemed to have any real compassion for Lacey. The other contestants, understandably avoided Lacey during her emotional breakdown after the scallop competition, given Lacey’s previous behaviour, but Ji went to talk to her, in a attempt to help.

The standing ovation that the blue team gave her, when she made the decision to leave, was well deserved and a rather touching moment in a series which doesn’t often have such things.

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