My Fave Songs (in no particular order) number 41

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Higher Ground 

Red Hot Chili Peppers

‘Gonna keep on tryin’, till I reach my highest ground’ 

‘Let nobody bring you down’

I didn’t realise for a long time that this was originally a song by Stevie Wonder. The first time that I became aware of it, was while watching a film called Center Stage set in the world of ballet, as it was used in a scene set in one of the classes. Clip of the scene posted by Camila Cerantula

The sheer energy coursing through the song, and the pace of it, meant that it was swiftly added to the list of songs which help me energise myself when particularly tired.

I love the entire sentiment of the song, but the two lines highlighted particularly resonate with me personally. It’s hard sometimes, when people react negatively to things you do, and I find it particularly hard to deal with criticism, but keep trying to not let it affect me too much.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers official video

Audio of the original by Stevie Wonder posted by DJ Buddy Love – Old School

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