My fave characters (in no particular order) number 24


Emma Duval

Scream the television show

Willa Fitzgerald

I know that the character is supposed to be based on Sidney Prescott, from the film series of the same name. The two characters share a good deal of traits, and circumstances, being as they are the only acknowledged biological children of a couple touched by a horrific event in their past, their circle of friends includes a witty boy obsessed by horror movies, they both are introverted and intelligent, but attracted somewhat to bad boys.

I still liked Emma a lot, and thought that were enough differences for her to be somewhat distinct from her film counterpart. In particular I liked her interactions with her mother, and it will be interesting to see how the relationship between her and Audrey shifts in the second season.

Fitzgerald’s not a actress that I’ve seen in anything before, but I have to say by and large she did a good job with the material. The chat between her and Audrey at the pool, when discussing Audrey and Rachel’s video was believable on both sides.

It was also nice to see Emma getting stronger, emotionally and mentally through the series, even with all the deaths of her friends. She holds it together in a impossibly difficult situation.

She’s very brave, responsible, not self pitying, and doesn’t blame others for her own mistakes.

A fan video created for Emma by censoredbydrugs


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