Review of I heart Christmas

Lindsay Kelk

Lindsay Kelk

I don’t like that much Christmas themed things, but this book is one of the few that I can honestly say I do enjoy. It’s the 6th book in the I heart… series, and Alex and Angela are married. There are a lot of other changes that have occurred, as Mary is marrying Bob Spencer, Delia Spencer is getting promoted, Jenny wants a baby but not with her steady partner, and Angela will be interim editor for three months.

The problem that Angela has, is that Alex wants a child and she’s not sure. In previous books Kelk has shown us that Angela’s not exactly the naturally maternal type, but still Angela goes along with Jenny for a appointment with the doctor about Jenny’s fertility.

When Angela has the same tests, it’s revealed that it might not be as easy as she might have thought for her to have a baby who is biologically hers. However despite the fact that there is this terribly serious issue at the centre of the book, it doesn’t mean that Kelk has lost her knack for writing physical comedy.

There are several laugh out loud passages in the book, such as when James and Angela perform the ‘Dirty Dancing’ lift at Erin’s Christmas do, after which Angela pulls the Christmas tree down on herself.

Angela’s fertility, Jenny’s desire for a baby, aren’t the only life changing events hitting the characters, as Louisa, (Angela’s British best friend) leaves her husband Tim, and runs to New York, in a similar way to Angela did in the 1st book.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, as I have all of the I heart… books to date, and would recommend it to anyone who likes serious issues being dealt with a humorous hand. Kelk never hits readers’ over the head figuratively with the issue, and doesn’t patronise either, treading a delicate balance between humour and seriousness.

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