My fave characters (in no particular order) number 16

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Rae Earl

My mad fat diary

Sharon Rooney

Rae Earl is very easy to relate to, as she’s just another teenager struggling with how she feels while she’s growing up. She happens to have a harder time than some of us, in dealing with what she feels, taking the road of physically harming herself, rather than speaking out.

When we first meet her, she’s coming out of a mental hospital, and worrying about how she will reconnect with her mother. It didn’t take long for me to feel a connection with her, helped in no small way by the fact that the writers had chosen to set it in the mid nineties. I was a teenager at that point, and completely loved the soundtrack.

Rae’s into all the same music that I loved back then and still have a fondness for, Oasis, The Stone Roses, The Lightning Seeds, Blackstreet, Black Grape, among others.

I adored her for her humour, which she uses to deal with her insecurities, and anxieties. One particular scene, when she’s just starting to reconnect with her best friend Chloe, and getting to know Chloe’s new friends, takes part at a pool party. Rae gets stuck on the slide set up at pool side, but instead of dying of embarrassment as so many teenage girls, myself included, would have done, she makes it into a joke.

This fan video nails all the reasons why she is one of the best written and most endearing characters that I’ve seen in teen drama for a long time. posted by Alex BnR

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