My Fave Characters (in no particular order) number 15

Alice Morgan


Ruth Wilson

‘It’s you who’s right. There is love in the world.’

I hadn’t seen Ruth Wilson in many roles, before seeing her play this part, but she was extraordinary. I felt immense sympathy for her during the phone call, and the proceeding scene in which she was introduced, Wilson making it seem as though the emotion Alice was feeling was genuine.

The character is one that you shouldn’t like, she’s introduced after the death of her parents, something that she is responsible for, and proceeds to threaten Zoe, break into Zoe’s house, arrange for Mark to be beaten up by a girl gang, and shoot Ian Reed, all within the first series.

I still adore her though. Obviously she’s incredibly damaged, but there’s something lovable in the way that Wilson plays her. She’s fascinating, and her interactions with John are some of the best scenes through the years.

The majority of her aggression comes out, when John is in trouble, or being hurt in some way. I don’t think that I’ve seen a female character quite like Alice in British drama, someone who freely admits to having serious mental issues, and is capable of great violence, but is still somehow charming? It’s usually the men playing such roles, the ones that you love to hate.

I discovered this web page, detailing just some of Alice’s great scenes, entitled ‘Twelve reasons we fell in love with a psychopath’.


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