My fave characters (in no particular order) number 14

Rose Tyler

Doctor Who

I was a little bit too young to have watched the original Doctor Who, as it finished when I was small, but I was a avid viewer throughout the Russell T Davies years. Rose Tyler was the character that I followed, really. I loved the fact that the writers chose to have her be a purely human and utterly relatable character. She was a young girl still living at home, and working in a shop, a job that she didn’t exactly feel fulfilled in.

She showed just how observant, kind and quick witted she was during the first episode, and consistently was able to see things that the Doctor wasn’t able to.

In her second journey through time, she showed that she wasn’t the type to allow others to dismiss her, and was strong enough to speak up for herself, when Jabe, a tree based lifeform spoke about her as if she wasn’t present.

The thing that I loved most about Rose was her selfless bravery, something that the writers revealed first in the episode when Rose met her father. She saved her father’s life, without thinking twice about it.

But she was never written as perfect, even after the first series finale, with the extraordinary things that she accomplishes. In the second series more and more of her jealousy was revealed, as the Tenth Doctor showed his connections with other women such as Sarah Jane Smith and Reinette.

I thought that the connection between Rose and the Tenth Doctor was particularly strong, and compelling. I think that the off screen friendship between David Tennant and Billie Piper obviously helped with that, but it was the writing as well.

Russell T Davies, and the rest of the writing staff managed to somehow create a utterly heartbreaking, and emotionally true relationship between a human girl in her twenties, and a alien who could regenerate each time he received a mortal wound. I have to confess that I cried during the scene in Canary Wharf, when Rose and the Doctor are on opposite sides of the void. Posted by Doctor Who

And also was genuinely upset by the scene on the beach. Tenth Doctor and Rose say goodbye at the end of series 2.

In series four, it was interesting seeing just how far the character had come, during the months that she had been separated from the Doctor. Billie Piper shows all of the ruthless determination that Rose was prepared to draw on, in order to find the Doctor. I have to admit that I did like the fact that she was carrying a huge gun, and she didn’t deviate from her focus even when there was a riot going on around her.

When Piper returned for the special featuring the Tenth Doctor, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctor, she was able to reveal a different side of Rose, playing her as the Bad Wolf. posted by Doctor Who



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