My fave characters (in no particular order) number 12

Alison Argent 

Teen Wolf

Crystal Reed

‘I wanna feel powerful’

Alison was one of the most human characters, in the middle of the supernatural drama. I liked her from the first episode, and grew to like her more and more, throughout the three series that she was a main character. She was the only one of the teenage characters that never possessed any supernatural powers, being a trained human archer, in the middle of the non human cast, which included werewolves, and a banshee within her close friendship circle.

She was given a intense and messy family background, in that her father and mother were both hunters, as was her aunt and grandfather, a fact that she wasn’t supposed to know until after she had fallen in love with Scott McCall, the Teen wolf, that the series title refers to.

Crystal Reed played her as a very affable and easy to get along with teenage girl, as Alison fits swiftly into the lives of the other teenage Beacon Falls’ residents. She makes friends with Lydia, and becomes the object of Scott’s infatuation within the space of a couple of episodes.

I enjoyed the unfolding and expanding of the bonds between Alison and Scott. There were echoes for me, of Buffy Summers and Angel, in the way that things unfolded, seeing as their romance started off very sweet and innocent, slowly gaining intensity, and that Scott’s supernatural abilities were at least part of the reason that the two ended their romantic attachment.

It broke my heart, the way that her final scene was written, and the way that Reed and Tyler Posey played it. The progression of the character during the seasons, was remarkable, taking her from an average teenager, to a extremely proficient and courageous hunter who was willing to sacrifice herself for the people that were important to her. Alison’s final scene in season 3

The relationship between her and her father was also very touching, as he was clearly the most stable and protective adult influence on her, while growing up. The two share numerous scenes that are very touching, and heartfelt, but the one that particularly sticks in my mind, is the one when she tells him that she loves him, and that she’s proud of him.

I think this video,  created by xteardropsonmyshirtx shows many of the qualities that I loved most in the character of  Alison Argent.


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