Review of Gone Girl


Gone Girl

Gillian Flynn

I read this quite a bit after the initial hype, feeling that as is so often the case that a very well praised book usually doesn’t live up to expectations. However in this case, the book did. I found the character of Amy to be compelling, if obviously mentally unstable given the lengths that she goes to in order to rid herself of a no longer satisfactory relationship. A small part of me felt sympathy for her, given her relationship with her parents which is portrayed as being manipulative, and they seem to be disappointed with the fact that they didn’t receive the ‘perfect’ Amy of the story books.

Nick is a fairly ordinary if emotionally repressed character, and I was grabbed from early on in the narrative, wondering who had hurt Amy, and how he was going to get her back. I thought at first that it was a standard, if very well written thriller viewed from the perspective of the spouse left behind. Like many people, I hope and imagine, I was surprised when Amy’s point of view revealed the truth behind what was happening.

I was inspired by the sheer talent that Flynn displayed throughout her writing in this novel to seek out the other books that were available to me through the library, but I have to say that the previous novels didn’t quite seize me in the same way. I think that she had steadily been improving her writing capabilities, and whatever she produces after Gone Girl will be something that I will seek out, to see if she continues this high level of characterisation and misdirection within the plot.


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