My favourite characters (in no particular order) number 9


Roman Reigns 


I developed a liking for Roman Reigns this year, after getting re interested in wrestling. I like the character that Leati Joseph “Joe” Anoaʻi plays, because of his friendship with Dean Ambrose, just as much as the fact that he’s very handsome and clearly extremely physically able.

I like the fact that he seems to be the calm one, very driven when it comes to following his goals, and is often portrayed in the WWE storylines I’ve been able to catch up on, as incredibly loyal.

Backstage with his family

He doesn’t give up easily, despite taking serious beatings in several fights. I know, that the fights are staged, and choreographed but it’s clear that the fighters still exert a considerable amount of energy, and sometimes things can go awry.

Rematch with Sheamus

There have been quite a few comments on Youtube, criticising his ability on the microphone, but to me he seems charismatic, and his friendship with Dean Ambrose (another favourite of mine) is one of the things that keep me watching the episodes.

I was very pleased and relieved that he managed to win the WWE World Heavyweight belt, recently and hope that the storylines, don’t lead to a change in that regard too soon.The match posted by WWE Deutschland


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