Inspirations of mine (in no particular order) number 26

Alesha Dixon

I was vaguely aware of Alesha Dixon for a couple of years, as I liked one of the songs she did with Mis teeq, but it was her appearance on Strictly Come Dancing when she became a inspiration of mine.

From the first vt, when she and Matthew Cutler were introduced as a dancing pair, there was something there. Her first dance, the fact that she seemed to be genuinely thrilled to be learning something new, and the sheer joy that she exuded, made me a fan of hers.

I have to say that she’s one of the very few contestants that I have enjoyed watching all of their dances, and still occasionally watch them now on Youtube.

She inspires me because, even though she had been having a terrible year, the year that she competed in Strictly, being as she had split up with her husband, and also parted company with her record label, she didn’t show whatever negative feelings she might have been having. Every time that she was filmed, whether backstage, rehearsing or performing the dances, she was smiling or laughing.

I wish that I had the ability to deal with things the same way, I know that I all too often let things get on top of me, and become snappish over the minor things.

Alesha’s performances on Strictly






Viennese Waltz

Cha Cha

Argentine Tango


Fan videos

Alesha and Matthew Cutler (background song: I could have danced all night) video created by daisydays

Alesha and Matthew Cutler (background song: Something good) video created by daisydays

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