My Fave Songs (in no particular order) number 3


Cult of Personality

Living Colour

I’ve only discovered this song this year, through watching WWE clips on Youtube, as it was CM Punk’s opening music. I  liked the short burst that I heard during his entrances, and was inspired to track it down on Itunes. I’m really glad that I did, because it’s been one of the my most played songs for the last few months. The lyrics can be a bit dark at times, but it’s the lines ‘You don’t have to follow me, only you can set you free’ and ‘The only thing that we have to fear is fear itself’ which have stuck with me the most. Sometimes you just need a reminder, silly as it is to rely on a song to remind you of something like that.

The band use snatches of political speeches, and reference political leaders such as Gandhi, Stalin, Kennedy and Mussolini. It’s a clever way to show just how powerful personality can be, that people can obviously use it in positive ways, or extremely destructive and horrific ways depending on their mental states and characteristics.

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