Films beginning with the letter F


Fast and the Furious 7

I’m doing these out of order I know, but I watched this one just a few weeks ago. I’ve watched all of them, and enjoyed them immensely. I know that some people hate them, because of the sheer amount of car chases, improbable escapes, and the physical impossibility of a number of the stunts. I love them for all those reasons, and more.

Sometimes I don’t want to watch a film that makes me think, or makes me want to cry, I just want to relax, shut my brain off for a bit, and watch very pretty people drive very fast cars, have intense fights, and occasionally don’t wear very much.

Some of the dialogue is predictable as is usual for this franchise, but this one, it made me cry. God that’s a sentence I never thought I would type about a Fast and the Furious movie. But the scenes towards the end, featuring Paul Walker, and the fact that See You Again was playing over the top, I was in floods, mostly obviously because of the circumstances of Paul Walker’s death.

It was a lovely tribute to the actor, and a touching way to retire his character, that was still true to how the character of Brian had been written.

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