Films beginning with the letter E


I probably shouldn’t like this film as much as I do, considering that I’m far older than I assume the target demographic is. I can’t help it though, it’s like a visual good mood pill. I mean come on, there’s singing, dancing, cartoon animals, and a talking chipmunk, not to mention the fact that Amy Adams’ Giselle is basically sunshine in human form.

Her optimism and willingness to believe the good in people, throughout, even melts the heart of Patrick Dempsey’s closed off divorce lawyer. It’s evident from the outset who Giselle will ultimately end up with, but James Marsden’s turn as the formerly animated prince who is Giselle’s fiance, is a lot of fun to watch.

I loved the fact that the end of the film, rather than having Dempsey rescue Adams, the writers opted to have Giselle be the one with the sword, who slew the evil dragon.

There’s a lot of different fairy tales referenced, in fun ways, such as Adams singing to animals to help clean like Snow White, but getting pigeons, rats and cockroaches because she’s in modern day New York. The scene in the park where Adams inspires others to sing, is a lot of fun as well.

Always makes me smile


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