Inspirations of mine (in no particular order) number 24


Louis Armstrong aka Satchmo

August 4 1901-  July 6 1971

‘All music is folk music, I ain’t ever seen a horse sing a song’

Most people who have a interest in music, have heard about Louis Armstrong, and most likely will be familiar with at least one of his more famous songs, even if they’re not aware of the fact that he sung it. ‘What a wonderful world’ in particularly has been covered numerous times, and has been enjoying a resurgence of popularity in recent years.

I have always had a soft spot for him, and love the fact that he maintained such a distinctive sound, regardless of any pressure that others in the music industry tried to put him under. I defy anyone who listens to Louis Armstrong sing, to be unable to identify it as him, and there is something so soothing about his voice.

Listening to his voice, I relax, and he has helped me write numerous things over the years. The purity of the lyrics in ‘What a wonderful world’, detailing a lovely view of life, and ‘We have all the time in the world’, have been constants on my playlist when I sit down to write.

I don’t know quite how much he’s influenced what I’ve produced, but I do know that without his distinctive voice, and the warmth behind every word that he sang, my life and the world in general would have been much the poorer.

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