Inspirations of mine (in no particular order) number 23


Claudia Winkleman 

Strictly Come Dancing

I think Claudia Winkleman’s hilarious. She doesn’t seem to care about how people view her, particularly when on Strictly. Her role is obviously the fool to Tess Daly’s straight woman, and she does it very well, is far funnier than Bruce Forsyth was.

She made me laugh so hard, during one of the Big Fat Quiz of the year, when she detailed a unusual fantasy including herself, Jon Snow and dressing as tramps. I love this, so funny. It’s the clip, just all the panelists egging her on, and it makes me laugh every time.  The sense of humour that she presents, as part of her public persona, is a big part of what made me warm to her.

There’s a warmth to her when presenting, and dealing with the contestants, whether they have been praised or condemned by the judges for their performances, and it seems to be genuine.

I wish that I could be like that, not caring as much what people think of me, or least able to put up a better front. I mean you’re never going to impress everyone, so might as well try to be happy with yourself regardless right?


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