My OTPs (in no particular order) number 3

Luke and Lorelai

Gilmore Girls

This is yet another couple who hooked me early. I doubt that many people watching this show didn’t enjoy the often sarcastic banter between the two. It was apparent from the pilot episode that there was a affection there, between the outwardly grumpy Luke, and the gregarious Lorelai, it might have been more romantic on his side than hers, during the first few seasons, but it was still there.

Lorelai’s lively personality, drew quite a number of men to her during the course of the first three years, and she seemed to be quite oblivious just how deeply Luke felt for her, as is too often the case when a straight man and a straight woman become friends in broadcast fiction. It seems as though it’s virtually impossible for them both to feel purely friendship.

However in this case, I was glad that the writers had made use of that particular trope. I was willing Lorelai to finally realise just how perfect Luke could be for her, as more than her friend, and Rory’s supporter. It seemed as though she was on the verge of realising, during the dream sequence in season three, when she imagined herself being married to Luke and having his twins.

It wasn’t until season four, that the ever more dedicated Java Junkies fans were able to see the two officially become a canon romantic couple. I loved the nervousness with which Luke eventually asked Lorelai out, and the scene at his sister’s wedding, was sweet and everything that I had hoped that the first semi date would be for those two.

Of course it was surpassed by the real first date, when we and Lorelai both find out just how long Luke has had a crush on her. It was also nice to see that Lorelai wasn’t going to automatically change, just because she had finally discovered Luke’s charms. The scene in which she wanders down into the diner, dressed only in Luke’s shirt, after their first night together, was a comic highlight.

Their relationship was realistic throughout, and even the dips, like when Luke neglected Lorelai in favour of getting to know his daughter, and Lorelai fell back into Christopher’s arms after getting a perceived rejection from Luke, felt natural in terms of the characteristics that both had displayed up until that point.

I was one of those that cheered, and was mightily relieved that the two did seemingly end up together. The symmetry of Luke, Rory and Lorelai being the ones in the last scene of both the pilot and the final episode was right, and felt emotionally true. Luke had been the support for both L. Gilmores throughout the series, and had been there for Rory when her father was either unable or unwilling to be, regardless of the state of his relationship with Lorelai.


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