Inspirations of mine (in no particular order) number 22

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Lady Sif

Thor movies and Agent of Shield

I know that Lady Sif doesn’t exactly have a huge part in either of the Thor movies, it’s more like blink and you miss her. However for me, she was far more interesting than Jane Foster. Yet again, not being a comic book reader, I have no basis of comparison, to say what the two characters are like in the comic book universe.

However in the movies, despite Sif’s miniscule amount of screen time, she still was the one that I was interested by. The fact of her being in a predominantly male world, and not letting anything that her contemporaries had to say hold her back, is inspiring.

And yes I know that Jane Foster, being a scientist, most likely would have come across a good deal of sexism. However I wasn’t as captivated by Natalie Portman’s portrayal as I was by Jaimie Alexander’s, maybe it was the fact that the writers chose to have Jane be Thor’s love interest. The snap and crackle to Sif’s lines in her interactions with Thor, such as they were, interested me a good deal more, than the exposition and romantic lines that were exchanged between Jane and Thor.

It was good to see her in Agents of Shield, and to learn more about her. The fight between her and Lorelai, within the bus, was for me, one of the most memorable of that first season.

There are many traits that I admire within Sif, such as her ability to move at superhuman speeds. My walking speed more commonly resembles dawdling, so to see someone able to outrun fast moving creatures is mightily impressive to me.

Her selfless bravery, glimpsed in the first movie, is front and centre in the second. She clearly has more than friendly feelings for Thor, but she still risks being called a traitor, by rescuing Jane despite Odin’s warning that the ether inside Jane is something that needs to be contained.

She also is one of the few Asgardians, who respect humans, allowing them to make their own choices. It is evident from how Odin speaks in the second film, that he doesn’t respect humans, and is likely to have passed that attitude down to his subjects, describing Jane as ‘a goat at a banquet table’.

The humour inherent in Asgardians’ old fashioned phrasing, and the fact that Sif seems to be particularly fond of her armour, is also present when she arrives in Agents of Shield. Referring to Phil Coulson, as ‘Son of Coul’ and acknowledging the fact that Thor at that moment, believed that Phil was dead, was a nice way of bridging the gap between the movies and the television show.

I am hopeful that the rumours, and the hints that have been dropped about the third Thor movie, are true. I want to see a larger part for Sif, and Jaimie Alexander. I don’t care if it’s more romantic with Thor, as long as we get to see more action from Lady Sif.





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