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Graeme Simsion

The Rosie Project

This book is very different to anything I have read before in the romantic genre. It focuses on the point of view of Don, a socially awkward but intellectually gifted professor, as he decides that the time has come for him to find the woman to share his life with. He hasn’t anyone in mind, but knows that he wants somebody in particular, so devises a ‘find my wife’ questionnaire.

It is full of very strict conditions, and he doesn’t have much success in finding suitable candidates, despite having roped in his friends, a married couple who seem to have a semi functional relationship. His meeting with the Rosie of the title, doesn’t exactly inspire Don to think that he’s found his perfect match.

She’s the stereotypical wrong person, which is introduced into every romance novel. She’s got dyed hair, she’s clumsy, she’s emotional, everything that is wrong for Don.

Simsion’s skill lies in making Don endearing, and the fact that he is so socially awkward makes for a lot of the comedy in his encounters with Rosie, there is also a lot of sadness though, as a parallel story to Don’s search for a wife, is the fact that Rosie is trying to find her father.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and enjoyed the sequel as well. Simsion is definitely someone whose books I will be checking out in the future, whenever he publishes his next one.



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