1001 Inspirations of mine (In no particular order) number 3




I thought this character was one of the most interesting ones in the cast. She didn’t have a large role, which is possibly why there is so much I find intriguing about her, and her back story.

She is introduced with other Germanic slaves, and within her first scene, is clearly revealed as being a physically adept fighter.

She fights alongside the men, in order to free herself. The passion for life, and all that it holds, is revealed during season two, as she is paired romantically with Gannicus.

In my opinion Gannicus was almost a mirror image of her, possessing the same heightened sexual appetite, ability to fight well and viciously, and great appetites for both food and drink.

For me, the fan video which reveals the most about the two characters, and seems to nail what I think of Saxa, is this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3DBULz9pog. created by blackoutproductions.

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