Authors beginning with the letter I

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JW Ironmonger

The notable brain of Maximilian Ponder

I picked this book up, drawn by the unusual premise. Ironmonger has created a most unusual character in Maximilian, as he decides that he wants to record every memory that he has ever had. He attempts this for thirty years, and then passes away, leaving his friend Adam with a most unusual dilemma.

I wanted to read this, in the hopes of seeing how different writers would tackle the issue of how people grieve. I’m working on my own novel, which uses different characters’ perspectives and memories of a certain person, in a bid to illustrate who the lead actually was.

I did really try, to complete the novel but despite the fact that the concept is different to anything else that I’ve come across, and Ironmonger is a very good writer, I just was not able to maintain a interest in Adam’s dilemma or Maximilian himself.


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