Dublin flight

I loved it in Dublin. The trip to Liverpool Airport was a little confusing, for this first time flyer. I had panicked for the few days leading up to it, because people kept saying that take off was awful, and I was also worried about exceeding the weight and size requirements of Ryanair for their hand luggage, having visions about having to pay 160 pounds in fines. Thankfully there was no issue at all, I was merely asked to take the Ipod out, and remove jacket and scarf.

It was a new experience, sitting in one of the massage chairs which were dotted about the departure lounge. I’m not sure that it is one that I will repeat any time soon.

I was sitting by the window on the way out, and that made it even easier. I was able to focus on the ground, and not think about the negative things that had been plaguing me. Unfortunately on the way back ,I was seated at the aisle, and the man sitting next to me, was wearing a bulky sweater, making it near impossible to see through that window.

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